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As a partner of the World Press Photo Foundation, Stichting Daguerre is organising the World Press Photo Exhibition 2021 in Rotterdam, in July 2021. The exhibition presents the winners of the annual photo competition – the work that contributed most to visual journalism in the past year.  Whether it's single shots or series, these photos are judged with respect to their accurate, honest and visually appealing look at our world.

The competition is divided into categories and is judged by a jury of leading photojournalism professionals. The award-winning photos are compiled in an exhibition that travels to 45 countries, and is viewed annually by more than four million people.

Because we believe in the power of showing and the importance of seeing high-quality visual stories, we are committed to sharing them with the widest possible audience. By organising the World Press Photo exhibition in Rotterdam, we wish to share current developments in visual journalism and stories from around the world in 2020 with the people of Rotterdam.

Partners: World Press Photo Foundation, Rotterdam Photo,The Laurenskerk Fotovakschool, and Rotterdam Festivals.



World Press Photo Exhibition Rotterdam offers participants and visitors a safe and pleasant stay in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch government. The layout of the exhibition in the Laurenskerk is such that more than 10,000 visitors can be welcomed to the event in complete safety. 

CORONA MEASURES World Press Photo Exhibition Rotterdam 2021

The World Press Photo Exhibition Rotterdam 2021 will open on 17 July! We are delighted to be able to open this exhibition to the public.

We have taken all possible measures so that you can be assured of a safe and pleasant visit to the World Press Photo Exhibition Rotterdam 2021. Tickets for the exhibition can be ordered online here. At the box office, remaining tickets will be sold by time slot. Prevent queues and order your tickets in advance. At the entrance area, measures have been taken by 1.5 markers that we put on the ground.


Under the present circumstances we all have to comply with new rules. We also count on your cooperation. Do you have a cold or a fever? Or does one of your housemates have a cold? Then unfortunately we cannot grant you access. We would like to see you back later in good health.

The corona measures of World Press Photo Exhibition Rotterdam 2021:

Caught a cold or fever? We'd like to see you later in good health

At the entrance area, markings of 1,5 mtr have been made

Access for groups: only households 2-5 persons

Cough screens and disinfectants have been placed at the cash registers

Lookout areas and 'passing street' to keep a safe distance of 1.5 metres

One-way traffic, follow the indicated walking route

Take care of each other!


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